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Indian chilli pickle

If, like us, you have a surplus of chillies this is a great recipe for using your long skinny green ones. We have lots of Arbol chillies, most of which we let ripen then dried, but I recently picked a little bucket full of green chilies, along with another variety we grow - Bangalore whippets tail!

This is a pickle to eat with eggs, garnish a bowl of dal, use as a filling in a kati roll.

So, take 200g chillies, slice the tops of and cut them in half lengthways. Put them in a glass bowl with 2tsp yellow mustard seeds (slightly crushed) and 2tsp nigella seeds. Add 4tsp salt, 1tsp turmeric, 5tbsp lemon juice and 4tbsp oil. Mix well. Cover and leave at room temperature for a couple of days, stirring twice a day, then transfer to a jar and store in the fridge.


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